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Tao Tea is an enterprising company bringing you innovative new teas and herbal infusions. What started as a thought, evolved into a dream, and has become a reality.

Tao Tea - The Way of Tea


Our Specialiteas

Activitea - Tao Tea - The Way of Tea
Availible Soon


A reviving and invigorating mixture of herbs for times when you are busy and active. Whether it is a workout, chores or an intense day at the office, activitea will help to keep you going through the day.

Digestibilitea - Tao Tea - The Way of Tea
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This blend of herbs will help to kick start the bodies digestive system, helping to dispel that bloated feeling.

Femininitea - Tao Tea - The Way of Tea
Availible Soon


A carefully selected blend or herbs which work in synchronicity with women. These herbs will help to balance body and mind at all stages of a woman’s life, helping her to connect with the feminine within.

Masculinitea - Tao Tea - The Way of Tea
Availible Soon


A calming and yet robust blend of herbs to help every man to manage daily life. Designed to help keep a clear head, this tea will be a welcome addition to any man’s daily routine.

Nightea Night - Tao Tea - The Way of Tea

Nightea Night

This is the ultimate herbal tea to end the day with. Every herb has been selected to promote a relaxing wind-down at the end of the day, ensuring a deep and restful sleep.

Normalitea - Tao Tea - The Way of Tea
Availible Soon


A fine blend of tea for everyday drinking.

Positivitea - Tao Tea - The Way of Tea
Availible Soon


This happiness-inducing blend of herbs has been chosen to promote a feeling of wellbeing in the drinker. This carefully balanced selection of herbs helps one to feel happy in body and mind.

Sensualitea - Tao Tea - The Way of Tea


This herbal tea has been designed to excite the senses and stimulate feelings of sumptuous wellbeing. Intense sensuousness and a feeling of synchronicity between body and mind (or bodies and minds!) can be experienced by those consuming this exciting blend.

Serenitea - Tao Tea - The Way of Tea
Availible Soon


Soothing and calming, this blend promotes a feeling of absolute calm and relaxation.


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